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I promised to post the stories of the children I was working with. I have been buried in their stories for over a month now. To give you an idea…. I have 76 GB of data from the 1 week workshop that I taught. This data includes photographs that I took, scans of their photos & illustrations, audio and video recordings of their stories (audio as backup). 18 pages of single spaced transcribed interviews. If you count the backup of these files – that would be 128 GB!!! Wow.

I was/am hoping to post some of the video when I have time to edit it – and make it small enough to upload from Uganda. I”ll have to wait until I have fast internet!  Until then I should display the work that I do have organized.

I’m proud to say that the town of Lira will be exhibiting the children’s art and stories around town starting this weekend. The posters, displaying the kids’ story work are on the press now. I do a color check in the morning. There is Sankofa cafe, a coffee and internet cafe that has agreed to hang the posters (there is currently no artwork there… so I’m guessing we may be the first artwork displayed!). Also, we are hoping to display posters at Lira Hotel – which has a hotel, restaurant and bar area and is frequented by stakeholders in the community. And in addition, the program manager of Child Restoration Outreach is looking into hanging the posters at a local bank, and I’ve even recommended the post office. The idea is that people will change their perception of these street kids. Rather than seeing them as a menace to society, they will see them as children with hopes and dreams – trying to find their way in a scary place.

One other positive thing that has been ongoing, is that the photographer, Juma Kasadha, who was a serendipitous last-minute invited guest at the workshop might be writing a story for a Ugandan news paper – The Observer –  about positive things happening in the lives of street kids. He has asked me for a lot of information – so I hope that the article gets written and turns out well. In addition to the story exhibit – an article that is written with the voice of advocacy is exactly what I’d like to see come out of this project. Something that benefits the kids. Preparing my quotes and objectives for this article really did help me to solidify some concepts – and most of the goals for this workshop are advocacy goals. If you are interested in seeing them – let me know and I can provide those in another post. Hopefully having those on paper will assist in any future fundraising I need to do for projects like this.

Enough with my words…. now let me post some portraits I took of the kids and the posters that I have put together, which display the photos, illustrations, and words from the kids themselves. I will do this in a separate post for each child.

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  1. TJ says:

    Once again amazing! That is great all these places have agreed to display the posters, they look great by the way! And the article for the newspaper is fantastic, will be nice to get their story out to the public and tell some of harsh truths of their lives and how they got there.

    Excellent work Lisa, God is truly smiling about this project of yours!


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