Rainbow :: Where’s the Water?

Driving down the bumpy pot-hole dirt road that leads to Moroto, I can’t help but notice the beautiful scenery of strange stone hills jutting out from the earth, trees with flat tops, wonderful birds, and sun flowers.

Upon arriving in Moroto and passing over the one lane bridges, it comes as a shock to me that there is no water running through the river beds.

Women and children line up their jerry cans at the water pumps. Little kids dance up and down while managing the pump, feet bouncing off the ground only to go up about two feet, then fall back down.

It has rained a couple of times since I’ve been visiting Moroto,  which was a welcome surprise after long periods of no rain for the area. While visiting surrounding villages, about an hours drive away on the dirt road, it deluged. Upon return to Moroto, still.. no water on the ground.

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