The Heart Grows Fonder

Hey folks,

Not sure who will find this…after 6 months of no blog posts. To be completely honest, I have not forgotten about you…or my passions. I have just been busy working on HIV prevention research. Believe it or not, crunching numbers. Not something I want to be doing the rest of my life…but for right now it fits a need (for me and others). AND it is for a good cause. I’m working with some very passionate folks, which is nice!

In the photo world… I have not documented anything that I am crazy passionate about since the street children in Uganda.

The Hands photo, that I made in Lira, Uganda, won an honorable mention tonight at the Carolina Global Photography Competition (Jan 18, 2012)!! Thanks to the staff and judges! And in my memory and thoughts are the teens who I spent an hour with the night I took the photo.

My heart still stays with them. I’ve been trying to raise money to send back to the street children that I worked with. The exhibits at Monkey Bottom Collaborative in Durham, NC and at Projekte art/studio/lounge/gallery in Wilmington,NC have helped to raise funds to go to paying for education or trade schools for the kids who participated in the workshop (and whose art you see hanging in the exhibits!).

How long can a girl keep this going? If you know of a human rights venue, museum, gallery, universtiy, etc… that is interested in hosting this sort of exhibit, please let me know. In the meantime, you can visit what the exhibit might look like here. Watch the 5 minute video.




If you know of a way to help me fund a trip back to Child Restoration Outreach, they would like me to host this workshop at each of their sites.


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    That was beautiful.

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