NYC Vicariously :: Day 5 Monday :: APPLE

Monday’s word was apple. I wanted to do something to play off of the BIG APPLE¬† which NYC is also known as – but things didn’t work out that way.¬† By the time I got out on the town it was almost evening. I went to a free Etsy lab craft night, where we made valentines. There were about 40 people there, and they were 95% women. So, I think this would have been the perfect place for a NY single guy to meet chicks.

Sitting at my table was the founder of Magnolia Photo Booth Co., a nice guy from Kentucky. His sidekick, Drew, was there also. Etsy had bought one of his photobooths, which was providing free photos for the Etsy Lab Craft night attendees. Soooo…in addition to getting a few people on the subway to pose for me, eating imaginary apples, most of my participants were from the Etsy lab that night – oh, and myself too.

So, I’d like to thank everyone for eating so many imaginary apples for me! Enjoy this short little video which is part of my NYC Vicariously project, called Forbidden Fruit.

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