NYC Vicariously :: Day 4 Saturday :: LOVE & Sequence of Waves

Yesterday was one adventurous day! I went down to check out 3rd Ward ( in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. I walked around afterwards and visited some artists shops (the loom) and then went to this art show called “Sequence of Waves”, at an old convent turned art studios. This place was amazing! I would describe the art show as something along the lines of interactive sound art in a haunted house sort of atmosphere. I loved every bit of it, including a handmade instrument of about 30 bottles hanging from piano strings (I think), when tapped the bottles would send an electronic signal through the wire to a computer which would replay the sound of that bottle being hit.
On the top floor, I walked around inside of a small cabin which was constructed by one of the artists. To get through you had to climb tiny stairs and squeeze through tiny doors. There was even a tiny bed in a tiny bedroom covered with lace (that is where the portraits of the girl in the orange scarf were taken). Beyond that were the rooms of poetry and art, where anyone could pick up a marker and draw on the wall. Exiting the little house to the left was a room where two lovers (characters of a nun and priest) invited viewers into their candle laden room with fake blood smeared on the walls, each of their kisses more passionate when I was photographing them… or when new people walked into the room. There were 60 artists .. you can read more about it a the website for the show.

From street graffiti, subway rides, to make out sessions…. hopefully you’ll enjoy this LOVE album from NYC. Of course some other non-love photos from the day will grace this page as well.

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Looking LOVEly in a lace room.

Just a candle between :: LOVE.

More LOVE.


The galaxy of no body image to me means we are loving ourselves.

Not so much on the theme of LOVE, but it did look lovely..

Excited to see a friend... showing some love.

Sena Loves someone.... or someone LOVES Sena.


Sorta looks like he is making a heart with his hands..but he could just be trying to scare us.


Where's the LOVE ???


LOVE in the subway, Part I

LOVE in the subway, Part II

A lot of LOVE!

Reading about LOVE in the newspaper.

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