NYC Vicariously :: Day 2 :: BUBBLE GUM & more

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PHOTO TIP OF THE DAY :: In addition to protecting from rain and snow, the ALL WEATHER lowepro bags protectors also come in handy when a bird decides to poop on you!!!! Said bird also grazed my hat a little, which I was wearing backwards. Easy clean up.

“Compassion” :: Well, I came close to photographing Compassion…. but not the perfect moment. I was sticking to my 35mm lens today, so I couldn’t zoom – which would have given me good moments… like on the Brooklyn Bridge when someone fell in the snow, and after standing up – their friend helped them up and then helped to pat down all the snow so it fell off.

“Bubblegum” :: well, I had to find props for this one a bit – but I saw many little girls wearing pink snow gear, which reminded me of bubble gum! The family shown here, with the two girls in pink snow outfits, set up a snowboarding ramp in their front yard! Very cool kids! I promised that I’d post at least one photo of each one. They will be looking for them! There is a self-portrait, props with a snowman, and even did come across some bubblegum at a candy shop!

“Street Vendor” :: I didn’t come across one in Brooklyn until I arrived at my subway stop! He was right there waiting for me, and was my second to last photo for the day!

“Donald” :: this was a freebie cause it wasn’t in the top three words. I saw the Trump building yesterday in Manhattan – and the Ice rink named after Trump. I also passed by the Disney store yesterday (see some of the photos from Day 1). But this scary looking duck at the hair salon is all I got for you today! I could add this one to my scary street photo collection. Some of you may remember “Little Miss No Name” that I shot in the flea market! (sorry no link!).

OK…here is the album from Wednesday.

Have some bubble gum. It tastes better cold.

Compassion of a mother.

Self Portrait with Bubble Gum

These little girls reminded me of bubble gum. 😉

Here they go down their homemade snowboarding hill.

Down they go without a sled!

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