Healing at Home :: A Day in the Life of AssistedCare

Photography by Lisa Marie Albert ::
Book presented by Ascendient ::

Hospitals do amazing work, but nobody wants to go there, if they can help it. Being sick is hard enough, and being away from home can make it seem so much worse. Given the choice, almost everyone would prefer to remain at home, where familiar surroundings and the presence of loved ones are an important part of the healing process.

That’s where AssistedCare comes in. Every week, some 300 healthcare professionals make more than 2250 home visits across 10,000 square miles, making AssistedCare one of the largest healthcare providers in Eastern North Carolina. Despite all the big numbers, however, the essence of home health is all about personal, one-on-one interactions. To get a better sense of what that means, documentary photographer Lisa Marie Albert hit the road with AssistedCare, capturing a day in the life of four caregivers and the patients in their charge.