Upcoming May 2014 Exhibit at Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill

December 10th, 2013

I want to thank the owners of Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill, Susan White and Sera Cuni, for the invitation to exhibit this May 2014 at their restaurant. Susan and Sera are supporting local artists by hosting rotating exhibits I am very grateful and honored by this invitation.

I decided that this is a good opportunity for me to develop some of my photography work that I haven’t had time to explore. I’m currently preparing a body of work, very different than what you see on this website, that will feature landscapes from my travels.

I plan to focus on landscapes from Northern Ireland, where my maternal grandmother’s family still lives. I visited Northern Ireland this past July 2013, where I met my grandmother’s cousins, and their children. I photographed the family homestead where my great grandmother grew up, and I recorded interviews with the family to learn about their perceptions of why my great grandmother was sent alone on a long boat journey in care of the Captain, at the age of 9 or so, to America to join her Aunt in New Orleans. While the family project is a personal documentary project, during my two week visit, I was able to capture many images of Northern Ireland’s vast landscapes.

I may also feature a few landscapes from my travels and time living in various countries of Africa.

I will post additional info, and a featured piece, as the exhibit draws near.

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